Pushy football parents are clueless about the game

Pushy parents ruin children's sports like football
Pushy parents ruin children’s sports like football (Flickr Julius Volz)

If I have a child who likes playing football, I know for a fact I’ll never become one of those pushy football parents.

I’ve played for more than 20 years against some pretty horrible people in some god-forsaken council estates.

I’ve seen countless fights between players as well as the players and people watching and one of the main culprits is the pushy parent.

The overwhelming majority of the time, these types have never played the game and think their kid is the next Messi.

You have mums and dads shouting and screaming at the players and referee like it’s a Premier League match with everything depending on it ( I think it’s not on at level as well, just makes everyone think it’s ok to do it).

It’s a really ugly, embarrassing spectacle and helps absolutely nobody. It just promotes an aggressive atmosphere on the pitch, with players being goaded on.

The poor referee is paid something paltry like £30 to deal with a complete onslaught. Often, they’re only teenagers themselves but that doesn’t stop infuriated parents surrounding them.


I know everyone wants their child to be absolutely brilliant and will back them to the hilt.

But that support can be so destructive. It can put them off the sport entirely in a few years’ time or actually makes them play worse.

I used to play with a 18-year-old striker who was once on the books for a Conference South team. He was very skillful and peeled off the last man well, but hot-headed.

It could usually be contained when his dad wasn’t around and he would channel his frustrations into the game.

When dad was about, every offside ruling was contested, the dad was insulting and offering out defenders and generally being a terrible human being.

It often made his son lose his head, play poorly and get carded/sent off for needless, aggressive tackles.

Let them enjoy it and by all means encourage them in what they want to do. But don’t overstep the mark. It doesn’t matter if they’re hopeless or don’t enjoy the sport you’re in love with.

Don’t be a pushy football parent like this chump.


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