What name should I give my child?

There’s still a huge amounts of ifs and buts that stand between me becoming a father, but I can’t pretend that I haven’t thought about what my child or children would be called.

I’m lucky enough to have a fairly uncommon name with an uncommon spelling. There’s no obvious rhymes that the five-year-old can work out and my name is neither in or out of fashion.

Although it has caused several people difficulties with pronunciation, spelling and even gender (these are the same people who will manage to email me using the standard first name last name protocol and then make a hash of my name in the body of the email) it’s an wholesale jerseys important part of my identity.

To this day I don’t like it if I’m in a situation where someone has my name. I couldn’t handle being a Richard, James or, God forbid, a David. There’s nothing wrong with those names per se,  but I don’t want an average name where my surname or even an adjective if needed to distinguish me.

But pick something too rare and you risk stigmatising your child through no fault of their own because of their wacky moniker. You might be pleased with yourself for coming up with something different, but it could end up isolating them.

“Grace? No, there was a Grace at my school and she stank.” 

You’ve then got to discount all the names which your friends have used for their own babies or remind you of people you don’t want to be reminded of. You don’t want to call our your child’s name and instantly recall that girl in accounts who dresses like a hooker.

What does it Jerseys commonly shorten to? child There’s plenty Dogs of nice names that just sound awful abbreviated and you know that’s what all their friends will likely do.

Picking a name is difficult (Flickr: jetsandzeppelins)
Picking a name is difficult (Flickr: jetsandzeppelins)

And should you tell anyone what names you are considering? Some people aren’t precious at all but others guard it like a state secret, presumably because they’ve been agonising over it for weeks and don’t someone to pooh-pooh it.

We’re certainly the latter – during the run up to our wedding people were more than happy to chip in with their opinions on what we were doing and it doesn’t help.

Our first choice boys name came to us on honeymoon and we have loved it since. It reminds us of one of the places we went to and we don’t know any other children with that name.

We are struggling with our first choice girl name, flavor but I’m thinking something foreign with three syllables. There’s a shortlist, but no obvious frontrunner. But there’s plenty of time yet…

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